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Coventry follows Warrington

It’s a wet and cold winters day in the heart of England and The Paul Simon Homes team have driven up from London to see our latest acquisition.  We arrived at 730am outside a grey wet and to be honest miserable looking Caradoc Hall. This 1960’s concrete built flats have seen better days and are in desperate need of renovating. We entered the building and made our way to the 16th floor where the team of guys has already started the process of gutting the flats.

This building was once the home of Coventry university students, the university purchased the building from Coventry council in 1985 and in 2008 the building was then sold to a private investor in 2008. The previous owner made some improvements but this was long ago and the building now needs improving.

Paul Simon Homes have many years experience in redeveloping building like these and we are in the process of doing one such building in Warrington. Peninsula House was in a bad state when we acquired the building in the summer of 2017. Our team of builders, plasters, electrician, and plumbers has been working hard and the results are beginning to show.

We are passionate about creating a warm and inviting environment for people to living in. The culture that proceeded is indicative of underfunded living in the Midlands which we aim to change. Creating homes that people want to live and invest their future in is key. We have a management team that will vet all tenants and put people in the right home and provides much-needed homes.

Check back soon for regular updates the progress.